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Krieger Comparison

On the evening TWA Flight 800 went down, Heidi Krieger was taking pictures from a boat off the coast of Long Island. One of her photos appeared to show at least one missile contrail. The FBI confiscated Krieger's negative and stated that the photo did not show a missile contrail, just the effects of "debris on the negative." Krieger did mantain the original photo and scans of this photo were obtained by independent researchers. These researchers have verified the validity of the following image.

A month later, in August of '96, during a test launch of an Arrow-2 missile, a military photographer captured the conrtrails of a previously launched missile on film.

The following two images are of Krieger's and the military's photos respectively.

  • Here is the full image of the arrow 2 launch.
  • Photo of the red residue, obtained from the wreckage by James Sanders.

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