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Center Wing Tank
Boeing 747 center wing fuel tank.

FIRO Petition to NTSB: Section I

1) Inability to explain a variety of features in the wreckage, including the localized recrystallization of metal (high explosives indicator) at the rear of the center wing tank.

FACT: The center wing tank (CWT) of TWA Flight 800 contained damage that "was not explained in the breakup sequence."[6] Exploding fuel vapors, an onboard fire, ocean impact, nor any other segment of the official crash sequence could be ascribed to the "localized recrystallization"[6] of aluminum found at the rear of the CWT.

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Chemical structure of the explosives RDX and PETN (click to enlarge).

FIRO Petition to NTSB: Section II

2) Incomplete and inadequate accounting for the presence of explosive traces found in diverse parts of the aircraft.

FACT: Investigators detected traces of explosives (PETN and RDX) on various wreckage items.[12] Officials attributed these traces to a canine bomb detection exercise allegedly conducted in the jetliner in St. Louis five weeks before the crash.[13] According to investigators, explosive particles were inadvertently deposited on the aircraft during this exercise.

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FIRO Petition to NTSB: Section III

3) Avoidance of public access to or failure to conduct necessary laboratory analyses to conclusively determine the source of nitrates found within the center wing tank wreckage.

FACT: A piece of the aircraft's center wing tank (labeled CW-504 during reconstruction) was among the earliest items ejected from Flight 800 after the initial explosion. Its recovery location in the "earliest part of the [debris field]"[6] caused investigators to conclude that its location "might even be in conflict with the proposed [NTSB crash] scenario."[6]

FACT: The NTSB contracted NASA to test the "splatter material" found on this item's surface. NASA test results[15] confirmed the presence of nitrates (a high explosive indicator) within the splatter material, alarming the scientists conducting the tests who concluded that the nitrate presence warranted "further investigation."[15]

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