National Transportation Safety Board Washington, O.C. 20594


Office of Aviation Safety


Tom Stalcup, Ph.D. Chairman

Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization

332 Hatchville Road

East Falmouth, Massachusetts 02536


Dear Dr. Stalcup:


The National Transportation Safety Board has received your July 16, 2002, letter forwarding a petition for the reinvestigation of the TWA flight 800 accident. Additionally, we have received both your July 23, 2002, electronic mail message that provided the proof-of-service that your petition had been sent to the parties to the investigation and Captain Ray Lahr's June 2, 2001, letter in which he requested on behalf of the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO) that the TWA flight 800 investigation be reopened.

Although I do not believe that FIRO has a direct interest in the investigation within the meaning of 49 Code of Federal Regulations 845.41, the petition will be considered and a formal response will be prepared. As part of the review process, parties to the investigation will be asked to provide their comments on the petition.


As a correction to your August 5, 2002, electronic mail message, FIRO is not required to submit an annotated copy of the original accident report. Safety Board Order 600A requires the Board to provide an annotated copy of any corrections/modifications to the petitioner.

If you have any questions regarding our review of your petition for reinvestigation, please do not hesitate to contact me at 202-314-6302.



Thomas E. Hauter

Deputy Director, Office of Aviation Safety